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Final Project Digital Foundations 1

For the final project for Digital Foundations 1, we had to make a montage, using still images, to tell a narrative.  In order to complete the project, we have to incorporate at least two of the five types of montage … Continue reading

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5-7-5 Glitch Gif animation

For major project #3 in Digital Foundations, we had to make a Gif that goes by 5-7-5, so 5 frames, 7 frames, then 5 frames, or three different animations two are 5 seconds and the other is 7 seconds.  For … Continue reading

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Political Poster #2

This is my political poster #2, based off of Suprematism.  The idea of the poster is to represent big tobacco ads on gas station windows and on the walls for everyone to see.  I have seen these posters and their … Continue reading

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Political Poster #1

For my first political poster, I had to base it off of Photomontage and Dada type art.  For my work, I wanted to have it focused on voting, because of the upcoming election and it will be my first time … Continue reading

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Helvetica Write Up

I never realized how common the typeface Helvetica is in our every day lives.  It is the most common font used by people whether it is for a business name, for personal use, or even for advertisements.  It is everywhere, … Continue reading

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Objectified Documentary Write-Up

In the documentary, Objectified, by Gary Hustwit, it goes on to talk/ discuss the design process and how designers come up for their products.  Personally, I have never really thought about how every single item we have is designed.  I … Continue reading

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Major Project #1 Imaginary Landscape Redux

For my first major project, we had to look up a word in the Dictionary that we did not know or seen before, and create an image to represent the word and definition.  The word I chose was Decrew, which … Continue reading

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