Jan Svankmajer Write up

Jan Svankmajer was a Czech filmmaker who used his experience to create animations of his own using stop motion.  Jan used both clay and also dolls and other objects laying around him to complete his animations.  Continue reading

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Political Poster #1


For my first political poster, I had to base it off of Photomontage and Dada type art.  For my work, I wanted to have it focused on voting, because of the upcoming election and it will be my first time I will actually be able to vote on a presidential candidate.   Continue reading

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Project #2 abstraction. Transition

This abstraction was supposed to go along the lines of my concept of abstraction that I have posted a while back, which was, the transition of someone’s life to nothingness after death.  Along with that, I said I was to use multiple colors starting at white and transition from color to color with shapes till I eventually reached black (nothingness).  However, my final product that I made did not go along the lines of death and nothingness.  Continue reading

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Helvetica Write Up

I never realized how common the typeface Helvetica is in our every day lives.  It is the most common font used by people whether it is for a business name, for personal use, or even for advertisements.  It is everywhere, due to the simple fact that it is a neutral font and goes well with just about everything. Continue reading

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Objectified Documentary Write-Up

In the documentary, Objectified, by Gary Hustwit, it goes on to talk/ discuss the design process and how designers come up for their products.  Personally, I have never really thought about how every single item we have is designed.  I just see them for their functions.   Continue reading

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Alfred Stieglitz Response

The arts have many sections that one could do to be an artist.  For example, there are painters, computer animators, those who simply pick up pencils or pens and draw, etc.  Another section of art is photography, creating art from taking pictures.  Previously, I never considered photography as an art, but after years of looking at images online and in classes that were taken by a camera, my opinion changed. Continue reading

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Major Project #1 Imaginary Landscape Redux


For my first major project, we had to look up a word in the Dictionary that we did not know or seen before, and create an image to represent the word and definition.  The word I chose was Decrew, which is to decrease, or in other dictionaries, to lessen or weaken.  For my image I created based on this, I used the easiest images that came to my mind to help represent it. Continue reading

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