Final Project Digital Foundations 1

For the final project for Digital Foundations 1, we had to make a montage, using still images, to tell a narrative.  In order to complete the project, we have to incorporate at least two of the five types of montage introduced by Sergei Einstein.  The story behind my montage is about two friends who want to watch tv, the only problem is they both want to watch something different.  They race to grab the remote and end up having to play rock, paper, scissors to determine who gets it.  In the middle of their game another one of their friends sneaks in and grabs the remote from under their noses, and tortures his friends with a show that they can’t stand.

The two types of montage I used were metric and rhythmic montage.  The metric was incorporated in with the different angles and points of perspectives of some of the shots, close up on the face, behind the couch, and in front of the two friends.  Rhythmic was when the two reached for the remote, showing movement in each shot.  Another part was during the rock, papers, scissors game.

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