5-7-5 Glitch Gif animation


For major project #3 in Digital Foundations, we had to make a Gif that goes by 5-7-5, so 5 frames, 7 frames, then 5 frames, or three different animations two are 5 seconds and the other is 7 seconds.  For my project I decided to do the 5-7-5 frames for a total of 17 frames.  The topic I wanted to focus on was drunk driving.  In the first sequence, there is a picture of a woman, who represents someones loved one, and the progression of someone getting drunker and starting to blur and black out.  The second sequence starts out with a black screen, representing being blackout drunk, then it quickly changes through the remaining 6 frames of a cars headlights coming at you showing it only takes a second for an accident to happen.  The last sequence is of a funeral that I used glitch to make it look/feel like its raining down a dark and heavy feeling on everyone to get the point across that the death effects everyone around you.

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