Stop Motion Project

For my stop motion assignment, I had to research an artist to base my work off of.  The artist I chose was Jan Svankmajer.  Jan was known for his clay art and stop motion, creating ridiculous forms and faces.  

I used clay for my stop motion to go along with Jan and the material he uses for his own works.  My project is in a basic form of clay stop motion, using just small figures instead of more to scale forms.  In my stop motion, the man comes home and has a conversation with his wife.  He says something she doesn’t like and she ends up slapping him. He pushes her away and she runs into the other room and kills herself with a knife she had hidden.  The man enters to find her dead and then goes to the drawer and takes out his knife, lays down next to her, holds her hand, then kills himself as well.  In the beginning of the work it loops a couple of times, I don’t know how that ended up happening, but it did the same thing after re-uploading my video to Vimeo.

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