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Forrest final project

This is my storyboard for my final project in Survey of Animation.  The main theme is based on the forrest and how I perceive it.  For my storyboard, I started out with an image of the forrest. Advertisements

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5-7-5 Glitch Gif animation

For major project #3 in Digital Foundations, we had to make a Gif that goes by 5-7-5, so 5 frames, 7 frames, then 5 frames, or three different animations two are 5 seconds and the other is 7 seconds.  For … Continue reading

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Stop Motion Project

For my stop motion assignment, I had to research an artist to base my work off of.  The artist I chose was Jan Svankmajer.  Jan was known for his clay art and stop motion, creating ridiculous forms and faces.  

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