Political Poster #1


For my first political poster, I had to base it off of Photomontage and Dada type art.  For my work, I wanted to have it focused on voting, because of the upcoming election and it will be my first time I will actually be able to vote on a presidential candidate.  

My poster has “Don’t Go and Vote, It Doesn’t Matter” because I have had a couple people talk to me about it and they said that our votes won’t matter because either they think the votes are fixed or that the other candidate has a sure win.  I don’t listen to them because I find that downright stupid and wrong.  Everyones vote matters, no matter who you are, every vote counts and you shouldn’t think differently.  There are people I see on social media who say they will not be voting this year because they don’t see the point behind it or that they don’t think they matter and will make a difference, I hate to see it but people are determined and stick to what they believe.  I made my poster this way to attempt to catch the eye of the viewer and make them take a closer look at it and see that I am really saying to go out and vote because everyones vote matters, which is why I incorporated photomontage on the Statue of Liberty, multiple people mixed to make a single face representing everyone.   Also I put Uncle Sam in to give the poster a more of a propaganda type feel to it.  I am excited to be able to contribute in my first presidential election and I strongly believe that no matter who you are, your views, or who you are voting for, your vote matters in the end so don’t be afraid to make your voice heard through voting.

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