Project #2 abstraction. Transition

This abstraction was supposed to go along the lines of my concept of abstraction that I have posted a while back, which was, the transition of someone’s life to nothingness after death.  Along with that, I said I was to use multiple colors starting at white and transition from color to color with shapes till I eventually reached black (nothingness).  However, my final product that I made did not go along the lines of death and nothingness.  I showed my piece to a couple of people after I made it and they said it seems like an optical poem, one of beauty and not death.  I thought it over and I agreed with them, since the colors were bright and gave beauty to it, it did not have the feeling of death and nothingness I intended.  Additionally, instead of finishing with black I decided to end the work on a light blue simply due to the fact that it is my favorite color and didn’t want to have a black finish.  I did not achieve my main concept of abstraction, but I was able to achieve some of the ideas I wanted in my work, for example, color and shapes transitioning from one to the next.

For the research portion of the assignment, I researched Adam Beckett and his piece, Life in the Atom; and Oskar Fischinger and his work, An optical Poem.  In both works, the artists incorporated changing sizes for the objects within their films.  Adam changed the size and positioning of the microscopic organisms inside of an atom.  He also changed the background colors a couple of times which also influenced me in doing the same.  In Oskar’s work, he made his circles correspond with the music playing, changing in size and positioning as well.  Along with that he had different geometric shapes and colors for each, which influenced me to have each of my shapes a different color throughout my work.

In my work, my strongest motions started at .05 seconds when I used all of my shapes at the same time and having them enlarge and overlapping each other at the very end, at .06 seconds.  My weaker points were in the beginning when I only had one shape on at a time, it is easier to see when my shapes move around due to placement that would be off from the one previous, while when they were all on the same image, it is not as easy to tell due to each shape changing in every frame.

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