Helvetica Write Up

I never realized how common the typeface Helvetica is in our every day lives.  It is the most common font used by people whether it is for a business name, for personal use, or even for advertisements.  It is everywhere, due to the simple fact that it is a neutral font and goes well with just about everything.

In the documentary, Helvetica, by Gary Huswit, it discusses the font/typeface of Helvetica.  It goes to different typographers and has them talk about the font, and some of them liked the font and some really hated it.  I found it interesting how the one man has been working as a typographer for 50 plus years, and he started out using and learning the trade using metal cutouts that he said could take up a whole day just doing one letter.  As for fonts, Helvetica is a very neutral font so it fits in and works for basically everything.  The one designer said the creators wanted to have something that actually lived in the background, not just sit there.  The only down part to Helvetica that I saw in the film, pointed out by one of the typographers, is that it doesn’t show the actual emotion or action in the word.  For example, explosion, it doesn’t have the feeling of an explosion, it just is there.

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