Objectified Documentary Write-Up

In the documentary, Objectified, by Gary Hustwit, it goes on to talk/ discuss the design process and how designers come up for their products.  Personally, I have never really thought about how every single item we have is designed.  I just see them for their functions.  While watching the video, I started to think more deeply into the design of products I own and their purpose.  For example I have a Gatorade bottle that I use for drinking my water.  I saw it as just a convenient and easy way to have my water nearby and for carrying it where I go.  During the video, I thought deeper and realized the details and design it has to benefit us as consumers.  First, it is sized to fit into my backpack side water pockets, that were first made for a regular plastic bottle, but even that pocket too was designed to hold things bigger so we have something to carry from water to even chargers or glasses.  The second thing I noticed was how it is designed with a curve in the middle, allowing for an easier hold so it wont slip or feel awkward in our hands.  Thirdly, the bottle has measurements on it with a little clear/ frosted strip going down the side of it.  That is for people to measure their liquids inside, like if someone is trying to drink a certain amount of water each day, they can just look at the water level and add up how much more they need to drink from the measurements.  Lastly, the top of the bottle has little bumps on it for an easier grip to remove the top, it also goes along with the bottle design as well.  To go along with the top, it has a screw type of holder that you can tighten the top to so it wont spill.  It isn’t a lot but it still provides a strong hold and easy release for more convince.

In the film, the designers talk about how they come up with their ideas for design of products.  Most of which think about the consumer and how they can take a product previously made in time and make it so its more convenient.  They imagine the consumer and think about how that product could be used in everyones day to day life.  For example, in the video they used a vacuum, some designers make them for the consumer to show the actual product in its true form.  A simple vacuum cleaner, but have colored sections to show the different functions that could be used, a hose, the normal base, attachments, and even the holder for the cord.  Then other companies make the vacuum so they look elegant, like the cone shaped one in the video, its a handheld vacuum cleaner, but its design makes it look fancy enough that when put in its holder, it could be a display item on a table or counter.  Then finally the roomba type vacuum, which is designed and made so that we can set it down in a room and let it go on its own to clean so we can continue our lives and do other things like work or make food.

Designers all sit down and talk about how their products can be designed and what their uses will be for.  They spend hours taking piece by piece away, or even add, that would make it the perfect object for someone, getting rid of the unnecessary components.  The design process is a long and difficult process, down to the very last detail, designers work until they have a product that they could mass produce for people, or even make a product for consumers to look at and find it interesting and willing to buy.

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