Major Project #1 Imaginary Landscape Redux


For my first major project, we had to look up a word in the Dictionary that we did not know or seen before, and create an image to represent the word and definition.  The word I chose was Decrew, which is to decrease, or in other dictionaries, to lessen or weaken.  For my image I created based on this, I used the easiest images that came to my mind to help represent it.Buildings is an example of “to decrease”, starting with a tall skyscraper, I decreased the size to something smaller, an office building, and then eventually getting to the smallest building which is a house.  I repeated those images to give a better feel of decreasing.  I also added something more natural to the image, which is the snowcapped mountain, a normal mountain, and then finally a hill.  I also separated the two sets of images using black that I painted in using the brush tool.  I put the word that I am trying to represent inside this black portion, with the letters decreasing to also represent the word.

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