Alfred Stieglitz Response

The arts have many sections that one could do to be an artist.  For example, there are painters, computer animators, those who simply pick up pencils or pens and draw, etc.  Another section of art is photography, creating art from taking pictures.  Previously, I never considered photography as an art, but after years of looking at images online and in classes that were taken by a camera, my opinion changed.  I grew to enjoy photography due to the fact that the images that are taken are real life, not altered using different methods, for example, painting which one has to look at an area, surface for hours on end and paint to try and capture the image the best they can.  While some are very well made and accurate, they just aren’t the true image.

In the video, Alfred Stieglitz – The Eloquent Eye, there are countless images that show reality perfectly.  The first image that captured my eye was of a train blowing smoke, at 16:08.  The whole image was perfect, the smoke, fog, appearance, it all felt like I was actually there looking at it.  If it was painted, it wouldn’t have captured the true feeling of the moment, due to everything changes in an instant, one part of the painting would’ve been completely different from the next, due to change in time.

The second image was at 17:37, taken by Clarence White.  The image was of a girl sitting up in bed after waking up.  The image caught my eye due to it captured her face and actions/ emotions perfectly.  Her hair was a little messy and her face shows her moments before realizing her photo was being taken.

The third and final image from the film that shows reality was at 21:48. The photo was taken on a ship by Alfred Stieglitz.  What the image portrayed was the rich and the poor.  The poor huddled together, wearing ragged clothing, and looking gloomy.  The poor were up above on the deck looking down at the poor.  The image showed me the fine line between the rich and poor, and in the end the rich will always be on top and above the poor looking down upon them.

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