Flip-book Assignment

The artist I chose to do my Flip-Book animation based from is Otto Messmer.  Some of the short films that I watched to get an idea of how to use his animation style were; Felix the Cat: Feline Follies (1919),  Felix the Cat: Halloween (1927), Felix the Cat: Felix in Fairyland (1923), Felix the Cat: Woos Whoopee (1928), and Felix the Cat: Felix Goes to Hollywood (1923).  For the design of my flip-book character, I made him dark in color (second flip-book) to go along with Otto’s style of colored in characters.  Also along with that, I gave my design ears coming off the top of his head, Otto had many characters with that type of style.  I implemented the same type of surprise in my animation using an exclamation point to show a sign of shock, like in the short Feline Follies 48 seconds in.  For my first animation, my drawings were extremely poorly made.  Due to the poorly drawn images, my character tended to not have much smoothness to him throughout the piece.  The smoothest motion I achieved in my book had to be in frames 25-32.  In these frames, my character is taking a nap and I captured his mouth opening and closing as he was breathing.  Along with that I added a Z to each frame to show that he was actually asleep.  The difficult part of my animation was definitely getting the walking and hand movement motions down.  Even when he is sitting down in his chair he just looks like a figure with my arms and just a big belly.  Also my jumping motion was very basic, he looks right at the viewer and just goes into the air and moves over so he ends up sitting on the chair (frames 16-20).  Another thing that made it difficult was capturing his eyes, they were small so I could barely add any detail to them.  So instead of making his eyes move around as if he was looking, I made it so his whole head would turn wherever he looked.  I made it a little easier in my second piece by making him a little bigger so I don’t have to draw tiny leg and arm motions.  As I said before, I used exclamation points to show shock in my character.  I made him jump out of his chair and made it so his butt went back while his head and feet stayed more towards the object that startled him to give the feeling that he jumped backwards from being shocked while saying “ AHH” (frame 43).  Besides all of that I think it wasn’t a bad piece, coming from the fact I haven’t done one of these in years, I just need to improve on the movement and details of my work a lot better.

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