Work in progress 

I’m sketching out some ideas for a tattoo that I am interested in getting done on my left arm.  The cross is Celtic, to represent my Irish background, and the cross itself is designed from my necklace I got on a family trip over to Ireland back in the summer of 2014.  It also represents my memories from that trip so I will never forget about it.As for the flowers, they are Cherry Blossoms, I wanted something different to go along with my cross and came across the blossoms.  I searched up some meanings behind them and I liked the meanings I found.  They are seen as the beauty of life and also how fragile life can be for us all.  Another meaning, they represent how we are here, alive now, but life is short and can end at any moment.  I am hoping to find something else that is a light blue so I can incorporate that in as well to represent my favorite color.

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