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Objectified Documentary Write-Up

In the documentary, Objectified, by Gary Hustwit, it goes on to talk/ discuss the design process and how designers come up for their products.  Personally, I have never really thought about how every single item we have is designed.  I … Continue reading

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Alfred Stieglitz Response

The arts have many sections that one could do to be an artist.  For example, there are painters, computer animators, those who simply pick up pencils or pens and draw, etc.  Another section of art is photography, creating art from … Continue reading

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Major Project #1 Imaginary Landscape Redux

For my first major project, we had to look up a word in the Dictionary that we did not know or seen before, and create an image to represent the word and definition.  The word I chose was Decrew, which … Continue reading

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Theory of Abstraction

For my theory/ concept of abstraction, I will be using Spiritual abstraction, or in other words, a visual representation of an experience that cannot be seen.  For this concept, in order to show this representation, I will be using different … Continue reading

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Imaginary Landscape #2

For my second Imaginary Landscape for Digital Foundations, I decided to make it on some news reports I would see daily back when I was home in Binghamton, New York.  The background is of downtown Binghamton.  As for the news, … Continue reading

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Journal #2

As week three came to an end, I started to see the similarities between my classes.  The biggest one is using lines.  I had a point and line project for Visual Communications, to create an image using points and lines, … Continue reading

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Flip-book Assignment

The artist I chose to do my Flip-Book animation based from is Otto Messmer.  Some of the short films that I watched to get an idea of how to use his animation style were; Felix the Cat: Feline Follies (1919), … Continue reading

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